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60DETAILS blog

НаписалFACES&LACES / interactive streetwear exhibition & music show14 сентября 2009

60DETAILS blog. Изображение № 1.

60DETAILS is an interactive project dedicated to the process of unique sneaker modification and interpretation by top russian artists, graffiti writers, graphic and fashion designers. Our blog will document  the interactive story that is based on the process and installation of 2D and 3D objects in the space of Moscow city. All the result we will show at the closed party and exhibition. Our event is not for the empty consumers that want to follow the trend, event is for creative young analysts and erudite intellectuals that feel real interest to the contemporary sneaker culture and regard it as a science.

60DETAILS blog. Изображение № 2.

They presume to educate others use right tools and materials to spread information further among potential audience that will be the part of the forming russian sneaker culture. Nowdays in Russia visual information is often distorted by wrong interpretation and stereotypes, people don't get information in the right way. That's why for us it is very important to make first event that will show the real side of the sneaker philosophy, that is connected to the other subcultures and our daily lifestyle.

60DETAILS blog. Изображение № 3.

60DETAILS: originality, feelings and sneaker science.

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