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(12") Lankov – 'Start the Trip' ep [hwr001]

Написалvadim lankov21 октября 2008
(12") Lankov – 'Start the Trip' ep [hwr001]. Изображение № 1.

Highway! The first, the biggest and the most professional label coming out from Russia, organised and managed by dj Mike Spirit. First vinyl from them is totally fresh and outstanding high quality modern techy sound.

Original version is nice driving dancefloor electro tech, with the really driving bass! It will heat up your prime time. Remix by Tom Pooks & El Farouki (Ovum, Kling Klong, Kompakt) is stylish with deep chords and really wide legato bass will work on the both sides of the world.

Other remix by well known dj F.E.X. from Paris is totally HOT! Really kickin’ ass swing minimal techno!!!! And the last remix by Andrey Loud (previously released on Robotronic, deepology) is the great stuff if you want to blow out the party. Border Community fans will be totally satisfied.

A1 – Vadim Lankov – Start The Trip – Head To Toe Tom Pooks & El Farouki Remix

A2 – Vadim Lankov – Start The Trip – Original Mix

B1 – Vadim Lankov – Start The Trip – Dj F.e.×. Remix

B2 – Vadim Lankov – Start The Trip – Andrey Loud Remix


pascal feos: i like the tom pooks rmx.

dirt crew: cool tracks!!!

laurent garnier: (f.e.x) – realy like this remix will play. (head to toe tom pooks & el farouki remix) – another great one on this ep will play also

harry “choo choo” romero: (andrey loud remix) – sounds like it will work. gonna test tonite in munich

fernando ferari: f.e.×. remix, sound good for my dj sets in buenos aires now. good remix and very groovy.

tony tomas: original version is truly awesome :) – i really love it – it’s totally fucked up ! excellent work vadim :)

dave dk: my favourite is the fex remix, nice psychedelic tech house trip! will try the tom pooks remix as well.

martijn ten velden: f.e.x mix is cool! will play for sure.

chris udoh: super hot fex mix rock on !

fafa monteco: i’ve played a lot the fex remix since he gave it to me. the original and fex ones are my favorite.

dub kid: fex remix i really dig. will support.

this release @

this release @

Highway Records @ Myspace


(12") Lankov – 'Start the Trip' ep [hwr001]. Изображение № 2.

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