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Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука»

НаписалИльяс Миканаев19 мая 2008

Сетевой лейбл ElectroSound выкладывает в сеть компиляции электронной музыки с 2005 года. В них успели отметиться много интереснейших российских (и не только) проектов.

Вот они, по порядку и с составом участников. Вся музыка – бесплатно, для некоммерческого использования (Creative Commons) – по началу в 192kbps, но с некоторых пор строго в 320kbps mp3 high quality!

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 1.

Various Artists — “Some Dots of a Certain Sound”

“Mercenary” by Fizzarum [9.9mb, 7:15]

“qi (edit)” by Dunaewsky 69 [5.9mb, 4:20]

“It seems, I have not noticed something” by Yellowhead [7.9mb, 5:46]

“Startrack” by Ambidextrous [5.5mb, 4:00]

“Mellow Tango” by Novel 23 [5.3mb, 3:51]

“Ddd” by Livelectro [6.3mb, 4:39]

“Ashy Whisper” by Sleepy Town Manufacture [4.4mb, 3:12]

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 2.

Various Artists — “Coil Tribute”

“Rosa Decidua” by Dunaewsky 69 [11.2mb, 8:11]

“Heaven Song for Jhonn” by Nole Plastique [6.7mb, 4:53]

“Vacuum” by Nikita Golyshev (CD-R) [16.9mb, 12:21]

“Tainted Love” by Zolotu [7.1mb, 5:08]

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 3.

Various Artists — “Zero5 to Rename”

“8time” by 2loop [9.8mb, 7:06]

“Depths” by Abstract Motion [10.2mb, 7:25]

“It’s…” by Abstract Motion [9.1mb, 6:38]

“Govorite Gromche” by Monokle [8.5mb, 6:14]

“On Recipe” by Monokle [5.7mb, 4:13]

“2b2” by 2loop [7.4mb, 5:26]

“Ground Zero” by Solesystem [7.7mb, 5:39]

“System Anthem” by Rocketboy [9.3mb, 6:50]

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 4.

Various Artists — “More Dots of a Certain Sound”

“MIIID” by MB-ent [7.4mb, 5:25]

“Disconnecting People (live at studio)” by Uniquetunes [6.4mb, 4:43]

“VHS” by CellarDoor [4.3mb, 3:08]

“Consolidator” by Tonearm [6.4mb, 4:40]

“Org” by Monokle [5.4mb, 3:57]

“Sweet Waters” by Witchman [6.6mb, 7:48]

“It Eat It” by Tortured by Turtles [4.9mb, 3:35]

“The Slide Dependance Piece” by Nole Plastique [6.5mb, 4:47]

“Sig Tango (tango intelligent dance mix)” by Livelectro vs. Elena Nikitaeva [5.3mb, 3:54]

“MIIID (answer the phone mix)” by Zolotu vs MB-ent [5.1mb, 3:46]

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 5.

Various Artists — “Recycled”

“Datenmuell” by Telepherique [8.9mb, 6:31]

“Sound Silence-NY” by Alexei Borisov and Tania Stene [3.9mb, 2:51]

“Ah Run” by Oloolo [3.8mb, 2:45]

“Mulch” by Aidan Baker [7.7mb, 5:40]

“Switched Off” by Nikita Golyshev (CD-R) [6.8mb, 5:00]

“Kick” by Pink Twins [6.8mb, 4:59]

“Dead Television Sings” by Kenneth Kirschner [10.5mb, 7:43]

“Robertas K. & his Pencil” by Antanas Jasenka [6.0mb, 4:23]

“To Sir with Love” by Voilet [8.8mb, 6:25]

“SMI & SMI & SMI & SMI” by Noises of Russia [12.5mb, 9:07]

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 6.

Various Artists — “Not So Electric”

“Anya 5” by Siba [5.8mb, 4:16]

“9th August 1969 (live at studio)” by Uniquetunes [8.4mb, 6:10]

“Pesnya Morya” by Two Volts Brothers [5.8mb, 4:17]

“Nostalgia” by Blondin [5.5mb, 4:04]

“Flop the Game Hero” by Test Pressing [7.1mb, 5:12]

“FoXXX” by Dunaewsky 69 [7.7mb, 5:37]

“Surprised Condition” by Monokle [6.4mb, 4:34]

“Night Has Passed” by Blondin [6.3mb, 4:38]

“Awa” by MB-ent [7.7mb, 5:36]

“Live at OkNo (excerpt)” by CellarDoor [9.1mb, 6:41]

“Mass Deformation” by Monokle [4.5mb, 3:18]

“Daria” by Siba [5.7mb, 4:10]

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 7.

Various Artists — “Last Dots of a Certain Sound”

“Hunter-Gatherer” by Tonearm [6.3mb, 4:38]

“2003 A Terrenal Odissey” by Maina [8.9mb, 6:29]

“Lite’n Lish Like” by Valkir [5.6mb, 4:08]

“Il Covo Club (Ambidextrous remix)” by Propergol y Calargol [7.4mb, 5:26]

“New Horizons” by SM [4.2mb, 3:06]

“AutoHr” by Livelectro [8.3mb, 6:06]

“Pulse” by Reii [7.6mb, 5:33]

“Tropical Heat” by Blondin [6.3mb, 4:36]

“Kisses” by Prince Monaco [7.4mb, 5:26]

“Sensitive” by Monokle [5.1mb, 3:44]

“Damoty” by Siba [3.3mb, 2:24]

“Imprudence” by Deadline [5.5mb, 4:04]

“In 24” by Pavel Pronskiy [5.1mb, 3:45]

“Novdet” by Test Pressing [7.8mb, 5:43]

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 8.

Various Artists — “Arrivals and Departures”

“Leaving Home” by Test Pressing [3.8mb, 2:50]

“No More War” by Yotam Avni [2.8mb, 2:03]

“Night Adventure” by Blondin [4.9mb, 3:34]

“Days in Litres” by Monokle [7.1mb, 5:11]

“h5FUL” by Dunaewsky 69 [10.2mb, 7:27]

“Fragile Cell” by K.D. Expression [4.6mb, 3:24]

“Stain Wise” by The Kirbi [5.0mb, 3:38]

“The_River” by Prince Monaco [6.8mb, 4:59]

“0013” by Nitro [3.8mb, 2:46]

“Grief” by CD-R [13.2mb, 9:39]

“Landing” by Polina Voronova [5.0mb, 3:39]

“Al Anbar Ways” by Normaa [6.4mb, 4:42]

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 9.

Various Artists — “A Place to Live”

“Moscow: Pure Field Recording” by Zolotu [7.2mb, 3:11]

“Murmansk: Empty Snow-clad Street” by Test Pressing [10.0mb, 4:24]

“Izhevsk: Somehand” by MB-ent [14.1mb, 6:11]

“Novosibirsk: Gorod” by Siba [5.5mb, 2:26]

“Perm: YKMD” by Blondin [9.9mb, 4:21]

“Saint-Petersburg: Evening on the Roofs” by Uniquetunes [7.9mb, 3:27]

“Yaroslavl: Yaroslavl Street” by Nitro [8.7mb, 3:49]

“Ekaterinburg: EM” by SM [6.9mb, 3:01]

“Barnaul: Second Paris” by The Kirbi [7.8mb, 3:24]

“Chelyabinsk: Tinnitus (live version)” by CellarDoor [24.0mb, 10:31]

Компиляции «ЭлектроЗвука». Изображение № 10.

Various Artists — “Thank You”

“Tik Tak” by Siba [9.7mb, 4:12]

“Radiance” by K.D. Expression [8.6mb, 3:44]

“Vunison_b” by CellarDoor [12.4mb, 5:24]

“Frogs Paradise (vocal S.Protasov)” by Milinal [10.3mb, 4:29]

“Wind on the Plane” by Astrowind [8.1mb, 3:31]

“Sirenada” by Chikiss [5.8mb, 2:30]

“Shiver” by Unkind [15.6mb, 6:47]

“Maya” by Monokle [12.2mb, 5:18]

“Mousa” by Mirushum [9.5mb, 4:06]

“ReReReKto” by EU [11.5mb, 4:59]

“Fire” by Tonearm [7.6mb, 3:17]

Приятных полетов!

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