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Proletari Cratz

Написалнастя леонова-барабанщикова16 июля 2009

 A video-jockey collective from Barcelona, formed by the union of Proletari Arts and Videocratz

Their activity begins individually towards 2002, to later on team up with the La Maquina de Turing collective in their live sets. From the joining together of Proletari Cratz, La Maquina de Turing and Pa||se vj, the col.lectivo L'antishow dels Hellen Keller's is born, with which we explore new relationships between audio, video and scenic elements.

They are very closet o the cultural association Telenoika (Veejing pioneers in Barcelona) to the extent of becoming part of their audiovisual community, where we have taken part in several of its artistic activities (VAX12, OrquestrAV, Ataques audiovisuales, Macart06...).

Since 2002 we have performed on numerous occasions, in the underground scene (squatter's houses, private parties and counter-culture festivals) a well as in some of the most avantgarde international audiovisual events (sonar Barcelona, Primavera Sound Barcelona, VAD Girona, REC Madrid, LPM Roma...).

Sets where the interest in criticism, message, humour, poetry, synchronization, cinema, traditional animation and the "reality" surrounding us mix at wild pace.

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