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Nicolas Pol 'Sick Atavus of the New Blood'

НаписалЯнек Че8 мая 2011
Nicolas Pol 'Sick Atavus of the New Blood' — Искусство на Look At Me

This May, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld presents 'Sick Atavus of the New Blood', a new solo exhibition from the Paris-based artist Nicolas Pol. Transforming the industrial setting of 560 Washington Street into a guerilla museum space, the exhibition consists of 20 new paintings and 16 drawings layered with paint, stencils, text, and silkscreens of commercial information. Pol’s expo title of gives some insight to the morbidity anИзображение 1. Nicolas Pol 'Sick Atavus of the New Blood'.. Изображение № 1.d technological paranoia that underlines his work, as the second New York exhibition for him. The artist speaks to Dazed about his favourite sculptures and pieces of art...

The Paris-based artists work i pits the classical with the delinquent. The show features 20 new paintings and 16 drawings. Pol describes the work as:

"Boxes are vanities. Hollow like skulls, Vanities of human enterprises, technological progress or power. Computers make fake easy. They are the laziest way to make metaphysical statements. Beyond pessimism. Is it really the builder or the destroyer that cares for the future?''

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