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НаписалSasha Olegovich19 ноября 2011

THOS на Изображение № 1.



Thos is a mongolian fashion brand, that stands for luxurious knitwear.

The philosophy of dust.

Mongolians believe that the world consists out of innumerous elements of dust, from physical to spiritual. But it is the dust and sweat of the racing horses which is considered to have supernatural powers as it connects with the universe and turns into shimmering gold. It is an ancient Mongolian myth that says it is possible to charge your spirit and fortune by getting in touch with the whirled up dust of the countries’ horse races.

THOS is luxury cashmere clothing with a soul. The essence of luck, positive spiritual energy, is literally captured within the collection. Each piece of THOS’ limited edition has been made out of the finest mongolian cashmere and has been worn by a child jockey during one of the few spectacular horse races. The pieces are marked by this process, they become dirty, they become worn, but most important they are charged with spirit. 

With her final project at the Strategy Department of the Artez Institute, fashion designer and brand strategist Tschagsalmaa Borchuu proves that she is not afraid of being different. Based on her personal background her fashion brand plays with the clash of different cultural perceptions of luxury to ultimately emerge with a new synthesis –THOS (translated “dust”), a brand with timeless luxury cashmere designs. For her, the next evolutionary step in luxury will be from tangible to intangible. 

The projects underlying questions and thoughts represent a sharp observation of our zeitgeist, therefore THOS is not just intended to provoke a discussion about luxury but also to pose an alternative to the current trend logic.

Photos and words: THOS

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