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Etudes FW 2011 by Hixsept на

НаписалSasha Olegovich21 ноября 2011

Etudes FW 2011 by Hixsept на Изображение № 1.

Etudes FW 2011 by Hixsept на


"This collection was designed around notions such as research, exploration, and experimentation.

Etudes was worked on as a step in a creative process, a work in progress. On one hand, the collection is made up of the name brand’s characteristic items: a wide variety of chinos, a selection of shirts with unusual fabrics (liberty, chambray or checkers) as well as several yoked jersey items. There are also a number of new items such as an oilcloth raincoat, an oversized vest, a wool cardigan, raw denim, or a work jacket with a new twist. 

In addition, Etudes is punctuated by two collaborations with classic French brands: Armor Lux and Paraboot. Using their flagship products, Hixsept designed a "capsule" collection using it’s own image and in the spirit of the collection. To lose oneself, to forget, to come back, to pause, to propose…"

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