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НаписалGOLDY27 апреля 2008

Ural Fashion Week (UFW) is one of the biggest and important events of Russian fashion world. Two times a year, as per world’s fashion schedule Ural Fashion Week makes the top fashion-industry ambassadors: Russian and foreign designers, buyers, agents of glossy and professional mass-media, stylish event producers gather.

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In addition to highly driving programme of collection show in framework of UFW some events are planned which are called for establishing communications between journalists, buyers and show-room collection designers, as much effective as possible, i.e. round tables and trainings for buyers and designers, press-conferences and briefings.

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UFW is the first conceptual stylish event in Russia. Each UFW event and project are combined by conceptual decision to create a special ideologized architecture for the project every season. The concept covers all aspects of the project from show-room decoration up to print design.

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It was UFW who helped many designer brands promote their business development. The project made would-be customers know about designer brands throughout the country, their collections were actively purchased by the buyers, designers were being invited to fashion weeks and prestigious professional contests.

Ural Fashion Week season fall/winter 2008/09 will be held from April 21th till April 25th, 2008.

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