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R. I. P. Randy Johnston

Написалkaverina2 апреля 2009

К сожалению, очень мало известно о Ренди, так же мало, как и о его смерти. Умер он 11-го октября в возрасте 20 лет. Предполагаемая причина смерти: наркотическая передозировка. Вот наиболее значительная информация, которую удалось найти:

Name: Randy Johnston.

Agency: Ford Models NY 

Age: 17.

Height: 6'1.5".

Place of Origin: Connecticut (USA).

Ethnic Origin: 1/2 German, 1/2 English.

Birth sign: Libra.

How discovered: Through the mail.

Favorite things: Music.

Favorite music, band: Loves anarcho punk and hip-hop (both are genres).

Hobbies: Skateboarding, rockin' out on the drums, writing, reading,    listening to vinyls.

Place you'd love to visit: Tibet.

Person you'd love to meet: Sid Vicious.

Randell Johnston Died - October 11, 2008 QUAKER HILL - Randell “Randy” Johnston, 20, caring and compassionate son and brother, passed away October 11, 2008. He was born in Nor- wich, and grew up the son of Michael and Karine (Miller) Heard of Quaker Hill, and father Ronald Johnston of Gales Ferry. He attended Waterford schools and graduated from Waterford High School in 2006. After high school, Randy pursued a path unfamiliar to many he knew. He sought after, and achieved, success as a high fashion model with Ford Models Europe and New York City. Although his time was brief, he worked hard to promote his personal success in a high pressure industry. When he came into your presence, he had the ability to bring a smile and laughter to all. Randy had many friends and diverse interests. He played drums in a local band, The Electric Noise Act, and enjoyed skateboarding, art, soccer, and music. He enjoyed boating with his family and was an avid reader. Randy truly enjoyed seeing different places, cultures and people, which his modeling career afforded him the opportunity to do. Randy is survived by his supportive and loving parents, Mike and Karine, as well as his best friends; brother Brent Johnston and sister Madison Heard. His Uncle “Iggy” Erik Miller, as well as grandparents Robert and Faye Miller of Ledyard and Carl and Joyce Heard of Florida, they all will miss him greatly. His easy smile, and life loving presence, will be forever missed by all who were blessed to know him. 

R. I. P. Randy Johnston. Изображение № 1.


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