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Little demons by Julia Soboleva

НаписалSea Gull24 февраля 2012

Little demons by Julia Soboleva. Изображение № 1.

I am a newcomer England-based illustrator from Latvia. Basically I am working in a collage technique. The range of myr influences includes such artists as Hannah Hoch, Egon Schiele, Marlen Dumas, Marc Chagall, Andrei Klimowski as well as film directors Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch and brothers Quay. In my works I am exploring the mysteries of unconscious, the worlds of dreams. 'My little demons' is a personal project concentrated on an exploration of devilish forces of our subconsciousness. Maybe someone will recognize his own little devil. But anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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