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НаписалDeyan Rankov2 февраля 2011
Pony Pony Run Run -VIDEOTAPE YOURSELF — Музыка на Look At Me

t’s quite simple: we would love to make a video with you guys. Yes, the images would be yours and yours alone, a video concocted by the hardcore dedicated fans of facebook. It’s not a competition, everyone wins, well actually no not really, only those who strictly abide by the rules.


1- Film yourself (with the help of a friend) dancing to «  Out Of Control » ( NOTE VERY IMPORTANT : Without the music, we shouldn’t be able to hear any music, you have to dance strictly from memory, you can’t wear earphones, or they must hidden)

2- In a Public place/area (train station, shopping center, museum, hospital, zebra crossings…..)

3- The camera must be very discreet, the main goal being that onlookers and passers by don’t realise that you are being filmed, and don’t understand why you are erratically dancing in the street.

4- It has to be filmed in one shot and unedited, the camera has to be still and stable (ie: it has to be set on a tripod)

5- It has to be filmed in long shot. The environment in which you are dancing has to be visible. Don’t take it all but make sure that we can see where you are dancing.

6- At the beginning of the video, the frame must be empty, you have to enter once the filming has started, remain stoic for three seconds, dance, and then leave the field of vision

7-  the video must be shot in HD quality (this is very important as we want a cool music vid !)

8- (not obligatory) but for those who wish, you can change the shot ( American shot, long shot,…)…… HOWEVER these shots have to be accompanied by a Long shot basis. ( ie you can change the shots as long as it remains a wide shot)


1-  Upload your file in HD (it has to weigh less than 2 GO) here:

2-  In the “ friends e-mail address” field enter the following address:

3-  In the “ your e mail address”  field, enter your own address ( VERY IMPORTANT, we need to contact you, if your video has been considered)

4-  Click SEND, upon which You should shortly receive an email notifying that the mail has successfully been transferred.


1-  We are waiting to have a sufficient amount of participants to determine the competitions closure date.

2-   After carefully watching your videos, the jury will retain the most convincing, funny and wacky videos which respected the rules here above.

3-   Amaël himself will direct the music video

So there you have it, we hope that the rules didn’t scare you off, even if they are really not that bad, it helps put the f into fun. So go for it, we are waiting for you to send in some great footage, without you we will not be able to make our music video and that would be a damn right shame….

For any further questions, or for those who want to bring the game up a notch, do not hesitate to get in touch with Amaël (but only concerning the project!) at this address: , who will try to get back to you asap.

Right get cracking, we can’t wait 


Pony Pony Run Run was in club 16tons on 27/11/2010, video here :

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