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Дебютный EP группы Бреdbери. Quartet

НаписалTHE BOTTANS7 апреля 2011
Дебютный EP группы Бреdbери. Quartet — Музыка на Look At Me

Изображение 1. Дебютный EP группы Бреdbери. Quartet.. Изображение № 1.

Наконец-то нашли себя треки, записанные еще в переходный период в конце 2009-начале 2010 года.

Респекты всему составу Бреdbери.Quartet, с которыми весело и хорошо, в частности: Аньке Токаревой и Женьке Дрыгановой, а так же всем тем, кто приходит на наши концерты, в особенности тем, кто был 11.03.11 в Шоколадной фабрике на нашей премьере.

Записано на студии "Правильный тон" Пашей Колокольниковым, которому так же отдельное спасибо.

Ремиксы сделаны в апреле 2011 года под гербом проекта "Московский Android".
Дизайн обложки - Илья Евтеев.





Дэвид МакФадьен о лирике "Бросать":

"First up in this textual catalog are the words to "Quitting" (Brosat'). In English they might read: "I'm tired of quitting smoking every hour,/ And tired of starting every morning./ Sometimes I want to fly to Mars;/ Being with you is both frightening and dull./ I only have one dream,/ A dream that leaves me yearning./ I hear your hysterical groaning/ And I see myself with a gun at my temple."
Clearly we're on the negative side of the spectrum.
As the lyrics continue, the subjective price of such tensions becomes clear. A systematic view of this failed relationship develops, but it's far from any sense of "balance." "If I'm happy with you, I'm better alone./ It's bad when you're absent, but worse when you're here./ I'm confused what I want from you,/ But I know for sure what I hate in you./ I'll try and disappear.../ I'll drown in the water./ You've not been mine for ages.../ I was never myself." A nullified love affair leads not to any desire for revenge, but instead to a combination of self-destruction and vanishing into bottomless water.
This theme will develop further still and certainly continues the irony or self-deprecation we saw above in early PR materials. Self-mockery will become self-harm.
"I'm tired of quitting smoking every hour,/ Of thinking about you every day./ It seems the world is placing bets on us." In the closing lines, any hope for rational interaction falls away. Randomness triumphs once again - and the song's "heroes" are shown to be mere playthings of destiny; the bonds of fickle fate are tight indeed."

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