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Techno.UA: DVS1

НаписалКоля Связной26 сентября 2011

Пятый подкаст в серии Techno.UA записал американский диджей с 10-тысячной коллекцией винила. Он совершенно недавно появился в мировом техно-контексте со своими работами на Transmat & Klockworks. Сольные винилы открыли музыканту путь в мир техно с извилинами. 

Techno.UA: DVS1. Изображение № 1.


Innerview с артистом: 
1. When, where & how did you start DJing? 
I started DJ’ing in the mid 90’s, got my first gigs around 94-95 in NYC.I started by watching Dj’s at parties and was just amazed at the power they had in the manipulation of the sound.I was just drawn to it and once I got in…I’ve never really looked back. 

2. What is your favourite venue? 
A good Minneapolis Party and Berghain! 

3. Art of DJing is to...(continue sentence) 
The art of DJing is to capture a moment in time and challenge the listener. To play music as much for the mind as for the feet! 

4. What is the hardest thing in DJing? 
The travel. 

5. Techno is...(continue sentence) 
Techno is pure machine funk! 

6. What is Detroit for you? 
A great influence. It singly produces/produced more artists that I respect than anywhere in the world. 

7. What is your favorite techno tune of all time? 
That’s an impossible question…Too many favorites. 

8. The best newcomer in techno to watch is... 
Not sure..unfortunately I’m more aware of the older then the newer. 

9. What is your motto? 
Work hard, stay honest and pay respect when its earned.


Все будет техно!

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