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MixCult Podcast # 080 Kirill Matveev - Being Jeff Mills

НаписалМикшерный Культ17 октября 2012

There's no better musician to focus on in the show than Jeff Mills. When I was getting ready for this podcast I kept coming to the idea that he is the essence of Techno music over and over again. What I think is that if that guy hadn't been born the whole Techo culture would have gone in a completely different direction. Mills made such a great impact on Techno that it sometimes seems that other musicians were not really writing music of their own - they just recorded remixed versions of his tracks. The enourmous amount of music he created made him the heart and the soul of Techno music.

There are a lot of things said about this person but I think his music I chose for this program will speak for itself. It's of course impossible to cover even one tenth of the music he created in a one-hour long podcast. But all of my favorites are definetely here.



"Микшерный Культ" это еженедельная радиопрограмма, подкаст электронной музыки 

Программа выходит при поддержке крупнейшего в России музыкального магазина

У программы есть видео-версия, в которой используются советские документальные киноматериалы 60-х - 80х гг. Благодаря своему особенному формату программа становится популярной не только у соотечественников разных возрастов и поколений, но и у большого числа иностранцев, которые по-новому открывают для себя русскую культуру прошлого и настоящего.


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