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Koushik – Out My Window

НаписалИван s3m5 ноября 2008

Koushik – Out My Window. Изображение № 1.

Уникальный сплав абстрактного хопа, инди и электроники в свежем альбоме канадской лапочки Koushik.

Koushik – Out My Window. Изображение № 2.

Koushik specializes in making that hazy, hip-hop-based downbeat sh*t that you could easily compare to contemporaries such as Four Tet (who released Koushik’s first single on his Text label), RJD2, and DJ Shadow. What sets Koushik apart from the others is a beautiful ’60s psych-pop element that tends to pervade throughout. It shows itself in the spacious panned strings, acoustic guitars, and harpsichords that fall in and out of each other; and the beats have a harder regimented classic true school hip-hop sound, that Four Tet and Prefuse 73 tend to stray away from. But what I truly love about this record is Koushik’s voice. His singing is soft and mixed way down in the center of the track, sounding like the voice choirs you’d hear on one of those old Percy Faith or 101 Guitars from the late-’60s. But more importantly, causes the listener to focus more on the music than the lyrical content. If you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned artists, you need this record. – OTHER MUSIC, NYC 

Artist: Koushik

Album: Out My Window

Year: 2008

Codec: Bitrate VBR 213 avg kbps joint-stereo

Style: Hip-Hop, Indie, Electronic

Label: Stones Throw

Size: 70mb



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