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Hudson Mohawke

Написалnikita semenov22 февраля 2009

  • Hudson Mohawke aka Hud Mo is a producer who is helping define a new era for Hip Hop music. And that's not schmutz imposed by us here - sometimes it is like everyone bar us is talking about him in quotables. Press talk like'... Hud Mo is the most exciting hip hop producer of our time'. The music was not caused by a preconceived plan to change the game. Quite the opposite. Hud Mo was a youg bedroom producer in a town known for every music bar rap. He had no idea that his indulgence in hardcore, techno, prog, fusion and electro would capture so much attention. As part of Surface Emp with Dom Sum he played live with many great acts and via records with Mike Slott as Heralds of Change he helped create a new experimental approach to production that you no doubt hear across all of myspace. At the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto in 07 he was announced by Steve Beckett as the latest signing to Warp records. Since then he's been playing some excellent parties, and working on the LP due in 2009

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