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2000 Lights – Absence (RTSW-7)

Написалevgenylight 5 октября 2009

The 7th release on net-label

2000 Lights – Absence (RTSW-7). Изображение № 1.

We're glad to present you this release full of beauty and depth. Tracks were produced during various periods of time, some of them were even lost (and then found, of course). Music is melodic, rhythms are tender, tracks build up slowly, and the whole groove makes you fly up in the warm clouds of calmness and placidity. This release is a good ambience for creative work, for sure. Or, if you're a DJ, you can use these ingredients wisely - just put one of them (or two or all) in your mix into right place and you will precisely get a vivid, full and finished story with a lot of colours, fancy shapes and shining forms to please any of you listeners. Enjoy 4 views of Absence!

Release date: 01 October 2009

Format: File, MP3, VBR

Country: Russia, Rostov-on-Don

Written by Evgeny Light

01. Absence
02. Nebula
03. Lo-tek
04. Circle & Sphere

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