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Московский лейбл Chin Chill представляет

НаписалНаташа Тазбаш29 апреля 2010

Два московских музыканта Andrey Zots (AFU records, Finger Tracks, Globox) и Combinator (Manual Music records), известный также как Bip Soup (Eminor, Multi Vitamins, Capsula) представляют свою совместную пластинку, изданную на собственном лейбле Chin Chill Music.

Первая сторона пластинки - трек Андрея Fugly. Это минимал-хаусовая история о некрасивой девочке, построенная на ударных и характерных для Андрея четко проработанных перкуссионных и вокальных эффектах.

На другой стороне Петр продолжает рассказ двумя прекрасными образцами фрикового дип-минимала о странных событиях в деревянной шкатулке и комнате номер 5.

Московский лейбл Chin Chill представляет. Изображение № 1.

Artist: Andrey Zots vs Combinator
Title: Fugly / Wooden Box
Label: Chin Chill Music
Cat-No: CHIN002
Format: 12" Vinyl

Некоторые отзывы известных техно- и хаус-деятелей о релизе:
Michel de Hey - wooden box makes my day sunny, sweet track!
Riva Starr - Loving FUGLY!
Nick Holder - Fun stuff! Feeling Room 5! Groovin'! Thanks for sending!
Butch - lovely tunes!my favs wooden box
Lee Curtiss - nice ep! will play thanks!
Moritz Piske - fugly is funny!
Carlos Sanchez (8bit / Einmaleins Musik) - i'll play Combinator - Wooden Box for sure Изображение i like it! - fugly is a great playful track that i will play for sure! big support!
Nils Nuernberg - really liking all tunes here... nothing that kicks peoples asses on the dance floor but good for warm up and early morning hours... thx*
Tim Green - fugly cool and fun track. But really like wooden box a lot! interesting track. Cheers
Ali Kuru - cool stuff, will def. play!
Nicole Moudaber - Room 5 is really cool
Mathias Mesteno - This release is badass..all three tracks are jacking and off the hook..thanks
Donk Boys - cool package, will play
Little Fritter - Ooohweee 'Fugly' is dam funky.. Fun little groover indeed! Both tracks from Combinator are also really cool! Chopped up booty shaking fun.. respect.
Anderson Noise - Really nice stuff, thank you
Someone Else - i like all 3 tracks.
Tim Xavier - This release isn't exactly what I play out, however this is a really nice package, totally impressed with the production & composition. Keep it up, support.
Rampa - wooden box has a cool mood! i like
Sascha Krohn - Andrey Zots track is freaky. will play it out
Gummish (Trapez Ltd, Phaze) - Always Andrey Zots is amazing! Fugly is the one, will play!
Jacuzzi Boys - Combinator tracks for us!!!! Really nice package!!! We will play "wooden box" on the thong nai pan beach:)
Fabrizio Maurizi - i like Room 5....afterhour tune!
Pablo Rez - congrat for this original release like it so much expecially wooden box
Jonas (Desolat) - Andrey Zots - fugly is a really cool track
Stacey Pullen - room 5 is my fav
Andrew Grant - Wooden Box...perfect plush sound
Nico Lahs (Resopal Schallware) - Very cool EP! i like so much "Room5" i'll play for sure!

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