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Dreams begin to result in development of modern creati

НаписалArt Vicious23 июня 2010

July,16 to July, 18, 2010 not far from Lviv third Open-Air "What Dreams May Come" will take place. This festival is conducted in the Lviv region from year 2008 by the group of young enthusiasts, judges of good music, musicians and creative young people.  

Festival  "Dreams" every year becomes more and more popular, as absorbs in itself the great number of styles and flows of modern music, from easy trance to breaking Drum. The main dream of organizers of open-air is development of musical culture of country and helping young talents to go out on the serious stage.   

Last year the organizers of festival got about 300 requests for participating in a DJ Parade, that testifies, at first, demand on non-formal arrangements, secondly, the level and quality "What Dreams May Come". This year 6000 thousand visitors are expected to arrive from all corners of Ukraine and near-by countries.

Mission  of festival - to give harmony of music and nature to the people(to instil healthy rest on nature), search and help the development of young talents in the environment of modern club music.  

A festival puts the aims: opened intercourse in a spirit respect of culture, education of careful  attitude towards the environment, propaganda of healthy way of life and forming of interpersonal relations, being based on love, friendship and mutual understanding, and also development of cultural connections between creative personalities, collectives and representatives of different  countries.

Conception of Open-Air «Where Dreams Bring To — 2010»

Conception of Open-Air "What Dreams May Come"is based on a few components: high-quality (music), harmony(music-nature), ecological program.

In this year it is assumed to put on more sound, more light. And to arrange the real  laser show above the lake, that will look twice more effective.

Musical program

In 2010 Open-Air will be split into 3 days. Trance, Techno and Drum’n’Bass, that in their turn include few more modern music directions.

Audience of festival

Happy and beautiful, smiling and satisfied, teenagers  and young parents, children and adults, determined in  their vital  priorities, able to think and perceive difficult electronic music. Music, sounding on an open-air, is to be not just listened to, but has to be analysed. For this reason "What Dreams May Come" — is an open-air for those, who can choose on thir own, independently from values, imposed by a dominant in modern Ukraine pop-culture.   

Quantity of guests

First open-air had 800 visitors. In 2009 Open-Air visited about 3000 people.

Ecological program

The ecological program  is an important constituent of general organization of open-air. Before an ecological group and volunteers a task will stand on collection. In fact it is territory of the National park and it must remain the same as before us!


For comfort of guests the open-air is equipped: by the 24H secured parking, point of rental of tourists equipment, points of food and centers of first medical aid. The beach and other leisure program will work traditionally. Also above the dancepole the protection from rain will be arranged, to create maximal comfort to visitors even in the rain.


The guests of festival will be able to get to the place on specially leased busses from Lviv, by trip busses, and also on their own transport.

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