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adidas Originals Blue

Get ready to shoot the ad campaign
for adidas Originals right in this banner.

Our task was to announce a new adidas Originals Blue collection on fashion websites.

But we all know that people are tired of annoying display ads.

So we offered every user the chance to become a fashion photographer and create their own banner ad.

The shoots took place in two locations: a tattoo salon and a men’s barbershop.

Users were taking shots with the built-in camera while models were presenting the new collection.

Users could modify their shots with available filters and share it with their friends.

When the customization was done, the result was saved by the browser. After that every single time a user was looking through the site, they saw their own custom banner.

Clicking on the banner opened the adidas Originals Blue new collection catalogue.

Any time the user could choose another image from the gallery or simply make another photoshoot.

Thus we provided users with the possibility to dress up their favorite web sites with their own adidas Originals Blue banner.