Tour Guide in Moscow and St.Pete


Moscow/Saint Petersburg Tours

The vacancy is ideal for students and people with flexible timetable. 

It is not on a regular basis, and not full-time. It's more of a part-time job, sometimes spontaneous :) That makes it more fun. 

WHO: We need responsible, proactive, positive people

TO: Give 2-10 hour paid walking tours around the city

EXPERIENCE: always a plus, but personality is priority

IMPORTANT: Your flexible schedule and your unique personality

VERY IMPORTANT: the willingness to read and learn a lot (!) about your city, its history, news and events


+ Practice English (maybe not just English)

+ Communication, language, customer, team, time-management skills

+ Meeting people from around the world

+ Broaden your cultural horizons

+ Bright and positive international experience

+ Your new colorful photos. Lots of photos ;)

+ Self-improvement, self-organization, self-discipline

+ Experience in customer service and hospitality

+ Learn tons of new things about your city

+ As a team, we always grow and develop. You will also become an expert in the areas that are most exciting for you (history, culture, art, night life, gastronomy, photography etc)

+ Possibly new friends abroad

+ Fun in your life


- Perfect English, at least at the upper-intermediate level

- Be open, positive and be able to respond quickly

- Genuinely love photography. Be ready for a lot of photo shooting for our website, blog and social networks. If you have a personal camera, a huge plus for you

- Flexible schedule for tours, sometimes spontaneous tours: J

- Read, watch, learn about history of the city a lot.

With good reviews and recommendations, and with your desire, we will take you for a permanent Tour Guide position, with the opportunity for growth. We’ll work on your unique style and promote you as our outstanding rock star in guiding.

If you like all above and agree with everything, send us your resume to Please, provide links to your FB and/or Instagram accounts. 

Or simply write us on Facebook .

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