Venegred vol 7_mixed by Miron
Miron - Barbaras (sound and video by Miron)
Miron - Angerville (sound and video by Miron)
Miron - Xelhper (sound and video by Miron)
Miron - Autogenix (sound and video by Miron)
Miron - Atmoza (sound and video by Miron) HD 1080
Miron - FL in Vegas
Freaks RMX - mixed by Miron
Enjoy THE MUSIC1Radioshow by Miron(Guest - Neek Romanteek)08052011
Enjoy THE MUSIC2Radioshow by Miron(Guest - PCP)05062011
Life is Live - by Miron (видео-выступления разных музыкантов)
Technorave - mixed by Miron
SHIT - mixed by Miron
Miron SUPERSTAR (first videointerview)
Brainstuff1 - mixed by Miron
Sex in USSR - remixed by Miron
Trash - mixed by Miron
Опа! Эстрадный дискач! )
604 Breaks - mixed by Miron (Oldschool Breakbeat Goa Trance)
Enjoy The Music! #3 - by Miron
Mash-Up CHEVO CHEVO by Miron
ENJOY THE MUSIC!#4 (Гость-DISSIDENT) - Радиошоу by Miron
Setup For Life - by Miron (видео про железо известных музыкантов)
ENJOY THE MUSIC!#5 (Гость-DJ FLASHBACK) - Радиошоу by Miron
ENJOY THE MUSIC!#6_25 03 2012_5Guests-radioshow by Miron (запись)
Miron - [ vodka poison ] первый авторский видеоклип от Мирона!
MIRON_mixed by Miron
Tadeush Video Art for Miron audio
Systo Solar 2012 - video by Miron
PROSTOTAK (новые выпуски 31-78)
Miron - Noizofobia  (sound and video by Miron)
Miron - Dronofon (sound and video by Miron)
Miron - Garmeglot (sound and video by Miron)
Miron - Mashbando_Version 1 (sound and video by Miron)
Miron - Fantox (sound and video by Miron)
Demo DJ 28_SPECIAL_Juan Atkins_by Miron
Miron - Expervideo (sound and video by Miron)
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